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A majority of businesses will face financial difficulties at some point in their time (regardless of Covid). When these instances arise, Lightspeed’s non-bank lending solutions for second mortgages, are here to support you every step of the way. Accessing realistic funding & lending solutions in a timely manner is what Lightspeed is all about and is just one of the reasons why we’re leading private financing and personal lending solutions in Australia.

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Our independent law firms are specialists in this area of funding, the legal process with all our loans are expeditious in nature and allow for simple fast track solutions that work. Our lawyers are also here for advice where required and regularly get involved with many of the solutions being provided for funding to comfort and support. It is about trust with Lightspeed as a non bank private lender for home loans in Australia. A team who offer short-term loans, we’re all about building long-term relationships with our clients.

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Lightspeed and its team have decades of experience with a passion for service and private financial lender solutions. If you are a broker and or just a referrer we would like you take a moment and call us today to discuss your client needs directly, our friendly team will assist and work through any scenario. All referrer fees where applicable are payable on settlement, Lightspeed has been working with accountants; brokers and solicitors for more than a decade. Lightspeed referrers can trust our transparent private financial lender solutions and advice with quick turnaround times on settlements.

Welcome to Lightspeed Mortgage Management - Private Lending in Melbourne, Australia

Lightspeed is your trusted provider for a private lender in Melbourne, Australia. A leader in short to medium term business and investment finance, We have the experience to work with clients to tailor a suitable short to medium term loan for all business and personal needs. We specialise in mezzanine, caveat loans, second mortgage loans and more. Having built a reputation as a short term specialist for over a decade, we appreciate the need to liaise with our clients to ensure that only the most suitable product is provided.

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An inability to pay your creditors poses substantial business risks, and these circumstances can cause chronic stress for all parties involved. Dedicated to supporting you through these trying times, Lightspeed backs you with tangible solutions with non bank personal loans Australia trusts to relieve your company of outstanding debts. We are one of the leading service providers in Melbourne for private lender home loans, business loans, and provide personal private lending in Melbourne. Eliminate the threat of losing your biggest assets – like your home or business – and take comfort in knowing that we, as the most trusted private lenders for home loans in Australia, are here to guide you through the process.
Whether you require immediate funding for construction projects, prevent delays on developments or fulfil financial obligations – Lightspeed is a team of non bank mortgage lenders in Australia you can trust.

Lightspeed Offers Private Mortgage Lending Across Australia with Flexibility and Fast Approvals

Lightspeed, one of the most trusted private financial lenders in Australia, helping all types of businesses to overcome financial challenges through financial solutions that work and potentially eliminate the need to go through old school banking hurdles.
Lightspeed gives you viable options as we provide not just non bank personal loans Australia but a means of funding, and a strategy to overcome your financial challenges through solicitors finance, construction finance, mortgage loans, and other financing solutions. Discover the advantages of short-to medium term loans in Melbourne and Australia wide.
Lightspeed gives you viable options as we provide not just non bank personal loans Australia but a means of funding, and a strategy to overcome your financial challenges through solicitors finance, construction finance, mortgage loans, and other financing solutions. Discover the advantages of short-to medium term loans in Melbourne and Australia wide.
Fast – Simple – Flexible – tailored private lending solutions with fast settlements and strong communications regardless of your financial position or history. Lightspeed has been providing non bank personal loans in Australia for years and has become Australia’s leading private financial lender in short to medium-term business and investment finance.
These applications can be time consuming and in many cases confronting, however at Lightspeed the loan application process is simple, even if you are a historical bankrupt or have issues that you may feel might prejudice your Application, confidence is assured.

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Your money struggles don’t have to be a burden on your everyday operations. Get in touch with one of Lightspeed’s experienced finance brokers today to build a strategic plan for the future, or to access fast loans when you need any type of funding solutions.

Known as one of the leading private lenders in Melbourne, Australia

  • We have vast experience with many industries and business structures, Lightspeed can support you on the most complex situations your business may be facing
  • An inability to pay your creditors poses substantial business risks – let Lightspeed help you Have an outstanding tax debt that you are struggling to pay, then let Lightspeed work on a real solution
  • Don’t risk losing your home or business- take comfort in knowing you’re in safe hands with Lightspeed
  • Require immediate construction funding quickly to prevent your delays on your development.
Having built a reputation as a short-term specialist, we work with clients to tailor a suitable short term loan for all business needs from property settlements to private lender home loans, debt repayments and bridge financing from private financial lenders in Melbourne.

Building Strategic Roadmaps for Insolvency Through Private Lending

We have the fastest approval process’s for private lenders in Melbourne. If you’re an accountant or lawyer that has a client facing formal insolvency, Lightspeed can help them navigate the process with ease and clarity. In a situation where they have limited options and little influence, our private financial lending solutions could potentially support them in regaining a sense of control. We can also assist with rebuilding businesses, repositioning them on the track toward profitability. Whether you’re interested in selling or looking to give your business a boost, accessing quick, short-term private financial lender loan in Melbourne can help you get there.
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Realistic advice from a team that cares

From non-bank mortgage lenders to coded home loan solutions, Lightspeed’s team carries extensive experience in transaction-related advice and services. At all times, we strive to maximise shareholder value by identifying, evaluating, negotiating, and executing strategic opportunities such as:
  • Due diligence reviews
  • All types of financial solutions
  • All types of home loan advice
  • Mergers and acquisition discussions
  • Divestments & mezzanine financial solutions
  • Management buy-out/buy-in
  • Raising debt & equity funds discussions
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances.
We appreciate that clients search for private lenders in Melbourne for a variety of reasons. From commercial cash flow challenges to home loans and juggling the settlement process among multiple properties, we take the time to understand your unique situation and provide you with practical advice. Respecting every client’s confidentially and advising tailored solutions based on each situation, we’ve become the long-term trusted private lenders in Australia to get client’s through both exciting growth opportunities and challenging financial times.

Bank Said No? Private Financial Lending is Your Answer

Equipped with extensive experience across various industries and business structures, we’ll show you what it looks like to be back on track and on top of your biggest financial challenges. Partner with our Melbourne loans experts to access:
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Our Private Lending Partners in Australia

Having built a reputation as a short-term specialist, we work with clients to tailor a suitable short term loan for all business needs from property settlements to private lender home loans, debt repayments and bridge financing from private financial lenders in Melbourne.

The Lightspeed Mortgage Management Team

Have you been shopping for an easy and efficient way to access capital for professional needs? Our expert team of private financial advisors, brokers, lawyers, and private lenders in Melbourne can help guide your process from reviewing your existing cash flow set up to decision making and application support. Since the beginning, our advisors have worked with business owners, lawyers, and accountants to provide fast, low document solutions that have a streamlined application process and fast turnaround time for private lenders in Australia.

Private Lenders in Melbourne

If you haven’t worked with private lenders in Melbourne, you may have questions about the process, solution, your financial security, and how we can help you achieve your goals. Read on to learn more about the LMSS process and why private lending can be the opportunity you need to quickly access capital for home loans, private mortgages, and non bank personal loans in Australia.

What is private lending mean in Melbourne, Australia?

Private lending is seeking a loan solution from a non-bank private financial lender who have faster processing times than commercial bank solutions. Because of their alternative access to capital and different assessment models for borrowers, clients who fall outside of the traditional loan criteria or who need faster access to readily available capital solutions seek alternative arrangements.
By assessing assets in addition to each client’s risk profile, we’re able to lend to borrowers who may be hesitant to apply to mainstream banks and need to access private lenders in Australia.

Is Lightspeed Mortgage Management a private lending team?

In a word, yes. Lightspeed Mortgage Management is a Melbourned-based private lending team who specialise in non-bank capital loans to commercial borrowers. Whether our clients need assistance with private lender home loans, cash flow, bridging finance alternatives, or support repaying ATO debts, we have a fast application and decision period, almost-immediate access to cash, and shorter loan periods.

How does LSMM give me access to capital faster than traditional private financial lending services?

Because the traditional route to commercial capital is via banks, the assessment model lender’s use to review a borrower’s application is fixed and inflexible. This means that many borrowers fall outside the set lending criteria and/or have to complete significantly detailed paperwork to confirm they are low risk. When our clients need quick access to capital to support cash flow, private mortgages, non bank personal loans, large settlements, or business growth opportunities, they have limited time to navigate the compex bank process or limited time on their hands.
As an alternative, most private lenders in Melbourne, including the LSMM team, offer shorter term personal loans and quick access to capital via a streamlined application process. With some borrowers receiving their funding within one business day of an approved application, we offer a peace of mind, expediency, and efficiency when working with each one of our clients in Australia’s private lender’s market..

What do people use private lending solutions for?

Our clients access private lending for a wide variety of purposes with the most common including:
  • Supporting short-term commercial cash flow needs
  • Commercial property settlement
  • Second private mortgage financing
  • Startup loans for new businesses
  • Private lending home loans
  • Non bank personal loans
Does this sound like you? Whether you’re just getting started, need to support short-term capital gain or growth needs, or are in between property purchases and settlements, our team can help assess your situation and give you an actionable solution for non bank personal loans or private lending in Australia today.

Lightspeed Mortgage Management Private Lenders in Melbourne

If you have found yourself in a financial crunch, you can confidently speak with one of our advisors to discuss your situation and practical solutions. Although a short-term loan may not be the outcome for every client, we’ve learned that it’s a practical, fast, and effective solutions for some teams.
If you’re interested in learning more about private lenders in Melbourne, our available loan periods, our private lender home loans, or how our borrower assessment criteria differs from traditional bank loan providers, you can reach out to LSMM’s private lending Australian today.
With a Corporate Advisory team able to review and consult on a range of business matters and a referral program available to industry partners who work collaboratively solving our client’s cases, our firm has become a go-to problem solving team among private lenders in Melbourne.