Construction finance available throughout Australia

Construction finance available throughout Australia

We simplify construction finance and help you get the development capital you need, when you need it.

The current scenario of uncertainty calls for a change in construction finance (and the overall lending landscape) as we know it. Even as other financial institutions continue to make financing tough with stricter LVR percentages, higher construction loan deposits, and high rates of interest, Lightspeed Mortgage Management offers quick and convenient drawdown loans that stand out from other players.

We understand that you need a reliable partner with experience in construction finance to give you easy access to capital when you need it. 

Construction Loans Melbourne Australia

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Customised construction finance solutions that cater to your needs

  • Pay interest on the amount drawn down and not against the approved loan amount or the fully drawn advance
  • Option to use the commercial or residential property as security
  • Progressive drawdown loan with funding for up to 75% of the Total Development Costs (TDC) or up to 70% of Net Realisable Value (NRV) at 1st mortgage rates
  • Ease of settling on a second mortgage to use as mezzanine available
  • Construction loans start from $100k up to $50 Million * (anything greater please discuss with one of our loan facilitators directly)
  • Applicable across Metropolitan areas or larger Regional centres in Australia
  • Low construction loan rates across Australia (<6%) (POA)

How Construction Finance Could Help You

The problem with construction finance

High LVR, large amount of construction loan deposit required by lenders, and high construction finance rates Australia has witnessed over the past years can all pose a problem for the borrower.

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Benefits that accrue to construction finance borrowers across Australia

Project Types – any construction transactions and land subdivisions

  • Interest rate – <6.00% (POA)
  • Presales – Negotiable, starting from zero upwards
  • Loan sizes – $200,00 +
  • Project Locations – Metropolitan areas or larger Regional centres in Australia
  • Project Types – any construction transactions or land subdivisions
  • LVR – they can fund 75% of the TDC or 70% of NRV at 1st mortgage rates
  • Establishment fees – From 1.25% of the loan amount*
  • Line Fees may apply
  • Valuations are required
  • Quantity Surveyors reports are required
  • Provide a minimum of $1M worth of materials to the project to our client funder (Sample project build price Circa $5M+)
  • Our Private Lender is a significant building supplies company
  • It is expected that material for your project would be sourced via our client for the purpose of funding
  • Materials will meet strict Australian Standards
  • Savings are anticipated on material costs of the project funded
  • The builder, engineers and supply company will negotiate what materials can be supplied to each transaction

We make it possible to avail a structured finance facility as an alternative to traditional sources of funding in construction finance.

A key component of our loans is a lower amount of pre-sales which is required to kickstart the project. At LightSpeed, we simplify the obtaining construction finance by offering you flexible terms and among the lowest construction loan rates Australia has to offer, providing you with huge interest cost savings and reduced timelines of development projects.

The solution to high LVR, high construction loan deposit, and high construction finance rates

Lightspeed construction finance offers easy funding at manageable LVR and a liberal construction loan deposit requirement. We’re also among the mortgage management companies that offer construction loan rates as low as 6%.

Since construction finance amounts tend to be larger, a single percentage point can make plenty of difference. For instance, if you use a construction loan calculator to see how much you’ll pay in interest when construction rates are 6% vs 8%, you’ll see a significant difference.

You can also pay off a loan quicker for a given amount of monthly payment if your interest rate is low. For instance, trying adding the numbers into a construction loan repayment calculator to see how long it will take you to pay off a loan at 6% vs 8%.

If you need an expert by your side as you make a decision about your construction loan, we can help.

Construction Loans Melbourne Australia

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Why LightSpeed for construction finance

We help out businesses whenever there is a short-term fund shortfall with our construction finance solutions. We understand that even when borrowers do their due diligence, use a construction loan calculator and keep buffer funds for their development projects, a short-term capital deficit can still be unavoidable and should not be holding one back. Exceptional scenarios call for exceptional solutions in construction finance which is why we bridge the gaps in funding with remarkable speed and efficiency. Get in touch with us at to apply for customised construction finance across Australia tailored to your requirements or call us directly at 1300 133 406.
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