Low Doc Commercial Loans

Lightspeed is one of the leading facilitators of low doc commercial loans throughout Australia.
At Lightspeed, we understand that not all commercial borrowers fall within the mainstream banks lending criteria.
Lightspeed Low Doc Commercial property loans are typically sourced through private non-bank lenders and are designed to suit those low doc commercial borrowers that fall outside the normal lending parameters and need a more creative approach to meeting their financial needs.

We can assist in the following circumstances:

  • Where urgent settlement is required
  • Need to borrow against the valuation of the property or appraisal
  • Poor or no credit history
  • No financial data available
  • Existing loans in default or arrears
  • Overseas resident
  • Issues with the security property, such as specialised, etc.
  • Property location
  • Receivers appointed or about to be appointed
  • ATO tax debts need to be paid urgently
  • Existing lender forcing a refinance
  • Potential bankrupts may apply

Lightspeed sources its low doc commercial loans via a long established network of over 200 specialist low doc commercial mortgage funds and private lenders. It is networking through this extensive funding channel that Lightspeed can deliver the necessary low doc commercial loans, whatever the circumstances.