Our Processes

1. Complete the Online Application Form. (it takes just 2 minutes)

2. Email a Rates Notice & Mortgage Statement for the property being used a security, + 1 piece of Photo ID (100 Point Check)

3. Within 24 hours, you will receive an answer on your application. If approved, you will receive a Conditional Letter Of Offer on the same day.
4. Once the conditional offer is signed by you (and investor sourced) or emailed back to us, we start the due dilligence process. (this takes about 4 - 8 hours)

5. Once the due dilligence is complete, we instruct our solicitors to issue loan contracts. These are emailed directly to your solicitor. You then need to attend your solicitors office to be given independent legal advice (for your own protection) and sign the documents. Your solicitor will witness your signature and certify 100 points of your ID.

6. When this is complete, simply deliver the executed contracts back to our solicitors. They then lodge the caveat on the title, and we transfer the funds into your nominated bank account. Investors transfer the funds by TT (Telegraphic Transfer), which means you will have clear funds in most cases in the same week of application completion.